Specialized In-Demand Products You May See Soon!

New Delhi: Nonsense Times recently contacted a well known scientist who is busy creating some interesting products that have been especially demanded by certain members of the public. Some of these have been inspired by sci-fi movies! The scientist on the condition of strict anonymity agreed to let us in to the little secret! If these products are acquired by certain people of the society, imagine what they could do with it!

(We will be updating this page regularly as and when the scientist tells us about his latest products!)


Neuralizer: Imagine if you had a gadget that could just wipe out the memory of what you did from the minds of people! Some people have commissioned this scientist to create a neuralizer that can help them to wipe out the public memory about their past and replace it with the story that they want people to remember! The upgrade that they have requested is that who ever watches them on television can also be neuralized using this gadget! Imagine the mayhem! Do you know of any people who would want to use it?

Alternate Outcomes Machine: The scientist in question is creating a television screen where people can see the future outcomes of their actions! They feel that this could help them to mend their ways knowing the pain that their current action could create for themselves or their loved ones. In Infinity War, Dr. Strange saw 14,000,605 futures. What if we could see just ten and decide the course of our lives! May be we could avoid meeting the wrong people or taking that one wrong step. Do you know of any people who can benefit from this? Had this been invented earlier, maybe China could have used one and checked out the effect Corona Virus would have on the world! Or may be they did that! What do you think?

Used for representation only!

Pen Lie Detector: This Lie Detector Pen has been commissioned by the journalist association of the world. The scientist said that journalists are so tired of publishing lies that they have decided to pool in all their savings and create a billion copies of this pen which can help them to know if a celebrity is telling the truth or not!

Money Attracting Magnet : The scientist told us that this invention is already being used by the top ten richest people and governments all over the world. He said that it is also a mind reader and mind feeder which first understands the psyche of the person and then feeds him thoughts which cause him to give his money to the owner of the machine. This machine is currently being tested on the middle class in all the countries of the world!

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