‘Opening Liquor Shops is the Best Move these Days’


India’ s latest decision to open up liquor shops has met with unanimous approval across the country. People have even called it a master stroke! ‘Of course, it is a master stroke,’ said a top ranking official on the condition of anonymity. ‘Come on, people are sitting at home, most of them are not doing anything, what do you expect will happen? It is better that they drink and laugh rather than fight or cry,’ he said.

‘The liquor shops are a much needed relief at this time,’ said another official who was just returning home after his visit to the liquor shop in his neighborhood. His wife who was accompanying him agreed. ‘My husband is the best when he is drinking. I also take a couple of pegs with him and then we dance to the music and forget COVID.’

Laluram, a liquor shop owner is a happy man. ‘I am so happy that our shop has happened. Not because we are earning money (that we earn anyways even when shops are not open) but because the people who visit us are so happy to buy liquor. All of them will be dancing and singing and getting drunk!’