Revealed: The Secret of Successful Marriages of Television Actors!

Despite working for long hours in a high pressure showbiz industry, the marriages of television actors fare better than their bollywood colleagues! Nonsense Times has now discovered the secret!

Life is not easy in the showbiz world. High pressure to look good, earn well, unrealistic deadlines and never ending projects can play havoc with anyone’s personal or professional lives. So naturally, it is the romantic relationships that take first hit when the pressure becomes intense. As a result, these days many Bollywood actors prefer to marry people who have little or no connection with Bollywood. However, that is not the case with television actors.

Amidst a growing trend, lot of television actors prefer to marry their colleagues. According to some sources, the actors believe that if they marry a colleague from the same industry, it is easy to adjust because both of them know and understand the work and unrealistic pressures. Morever, most of them do almost the same kind of serials that are based on marriages and relationships which helps them to gain a deeper insight into the institution.

“In my first daily soap, I could understand what marriages really mean,” said an actor who refused to be named. “The thing with serials is that since the pace is slower than that of movies, every aspect of married life is shown in greater detail. This helped me and my wife to gain a deeper understanding of the instition.”

“Television actors are blessed in a way because most serials are about marriages and children. Most of these serials talk about the kind of wrong things that people end up doing in the marriage. So, for the actors, it is a crash course on “what not to expect from a marriage,” said Ramesh Kumar, a well known psychologist.

An actor who recently became a father said, “I can take care of my new born baby because it was in the serial that I learnt how to change a diaper, cook and clean for the baby as I became a screen dad after the seven year leap. This has helped me to prepare for this role well in advance.”

The concept has become so successful that there are many companies who are setting up shop to train Bollywood actors in the fine art of marriage. Lets see if their plan will work or not.