Actor Opens His Home For Public Viewing

low angle photography of white concrete building

Inspired by iconic places like Elvis Presley’s Graceland, Michael Jackson’s Neverland and the Harry Potter’s Hogwarts School of Witch Craft and Wizardary, this famous actor has decided to open his palatial, multistoryed mansion to the public. Sources reveal that the prime reason behind this move is the lack of funds, a problem which has been further fueled by the recent pandemic and the actor’s ever increasing expenses.

The actor’s home is iconic in every way, however, it is perhaps not meant for a city like Mumbai. The actor had installed an artificial lake and mountain on the top most floor for shooting such scenes. However, this move backfired because owing to the rains and the excessive water due to the water body, his walls have been invaded by dampness. Now, according to his well wishers, the only way out is to raise money by opening a portion of his house to the public and using the resulting funds to repair the house.