Breaking News : Food Delivery App to Use Robots!

delivery robots with little flags

After they were trolled mercilessly for a recent advertisement, this food delivery app has almost decided to hire robots for delivery. Currently, the top management is in talks with well known robot manufacturers. They are quite inspired by China and want to be the first ones in India.

Nonsense Times decided to delve further into the matter.

“Robots are way better when it comes to delivery of food,” said a high ranking officer who refused to be named. “The robots don’t eat your food and they don’t get tired. There will not be any controversy if a robot shoots for the advertisement Moreover, they can be charged and made to work 24 hours a day. Hence we have decided to use robots not just for our advertisements but also delivery.”

So far, the company has been talking to a lot of other robot manufacturers and even toying with the idea of delivering food through drones. Rumours are rife that they are talking to tech companies to even deliver food through teleportation. However, for now everything has been really hush hush. Watch this space for more developments.

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