New Trend: Post Divorce, More Women Adopt Dogs

a woman patting her corgi on the head

In a recent survey conducted by Nothing To Do Society, it has been discovered that post divorce, an increasing number of women are adopting dogs. It was also found that the women who adopted dogs were less inclined to marry or get into a relationship again. Nonsense Times decided to investigate and talk to a couple of women from different walks of life.

” Dogs are way better than men,” said K. Sita, (35), a resident of Calicut. “Dogs understand the unspoken, they know when you are sad, when you are happy and they don’t make unreasonable demands,” she said as she petted her 6 month old pomeranian named Vicky.” My husband had an extra-marital affair which had been carrying on from the last five years. Once he had forgotten his lunch box and I decided to visit his office to give it to him. When I reached there, I found that he had gone out with her! Imagine! We have been married for 10 years but he never bunked office to go out with me! That was the time I decided to divorce him. Now I am happy with Vicky who is faithful to me and loves me unconditionally.”

Sunita Sharma, (40) agrees. “My husband never bothered to talk to me or sit with me when we were together. He was always busy in his own world. After our divorce, I realized that he thought of me as a housekeeper and not a wife, which is why he never paid attention to me.” She points to Sanjay, a six month old Shih Tzu sitting near her feet, “Atleast Sanjay loves me. He never does anything that he knows will upset me. He is protective about me and does not like it when I leave him. So I am going to spend the rest of my life with him.”

Psychologist Raman Verma says, “Women like attention. They need pampering and some tender loving care which dogs excel in. In a way, this trend will help in reducing the population of the world. So, I have nothing against it.”

What do you think dear reader?