Breaking News: Married Men Banned on Dating Apps!

In an unprecedented move, companies of all dating apps have banned married men. This move was a result of an extensive year long campaign by various women commissions. They had explicitly threatened that in case the married men are no banned on these apps, women world wide would boycott all the apps.

According to the new policy, all men will have to get a no objection certificate from the women in their lives (mother, sister or daughter) in order to be able to create a profile on these apps. Such profiles will be approved after thorough investigation by a specialized department of these dating apps.

We spoke to men and women to know their reaction to this recent development. ‘It does not really matter. Married men do not have to wear a bindi or sindoor, ” said Saurabh, a 28 year old married man. “Moreover, as long as they keep smiling, they will not look stress or married, so no come to know.”

Srilata, 35 year old divorcee agreed. “Banning married men is not the solution to this problem because men will not refrain from going on such dating sites. Actually, we need a shift in customs to ensure that every one is able to recognize a married man in their amidst. When the couple gets married, the man should also be made to wear some signs of being married like may be a chain or some kind of tatoo on their wrist or something. That will prevent them from going astray.”

So, do you think banning married men from dating apps is a good idea? Please let us know!