Launched: Assembly Line Templates For Indian Television Shows!

Recently, a well known production house has launched a new assembly line section for television soap dramas. According to a reliable source who spoke on the condition of anonymity, the assembly line will be governed by a specialized template which shall in time replace the scriptwriters in the television industry.

Nonsense Times spoke to Phalguni Dixit (name has been changed to protect identity), a senior officer in the said production house which is known for creating such dramas since decades. ‘This assembly line and its template has been created after years painstaking research on successful soaps which have run for decades. For example, we have now realized that our audiences love to watch the lead actors in a romantic rain or shower setting. Our TRP shoots up when the protagonists face problems in their relationship, separate and then get together again or when we shoot scenes inspired from Bollywood movies like Jodha Akbar (sword scene) or other such iconic scenes from movies. We have also discovered that more the problems and conflicts in the story, the better the TRPs.’

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A marketing executive in another production house agreed with Phalguni’s views. He said,’The Indian public has been conditioned to accept a few basic formulas. Like the girl meets boy, either they will initially fight or hurt each other. Then the girl and boy get together but face resistance from the families. Earlier, the girl used to stay and fight for her relationship, but now she chooses to leave her boyfriend or husband and become successful. Finally, they shall again meet after a leap of some years, possibly with a child and want to stay together. More drama and misunderstanding will follow and eventually all will be well. If the soap becomes more popular, we will introduce another twist, where it will be later known that a baby was switched at birth. The same dramas with different actors and settings are shown. So, we will program all this into the template and the script will be ready.’

Rumors are rife that this assembly line template is coveted by other production houses who are busy making similar models!