India- The New Utopia In The Making

India will soon become Utopia

The fabled land of Utopia has been idealized by many poets, writers, thinkers and philosphers. They have talked about it, sing its praises, written about it and even made movies on it. Nevertheless, for most countries, Utopia is an unachievable but cherished dream. After all, how can Utopia be achieved with the ever looming problems of unemployability, poverty, lack of food etc.?

However, people in India beg to differ in this regard. They are well ahead of time and quite on sync with Utopia. The leaders of the country are determined to transform India into a utopian world. Plans of remodelling the country and providing new buildings for the parliament, new Rajpath have already been approved.

‘Our poor politicians work very hard all day. They hardly venture out of their offices. They seldom visit their constituencies except when it is time for elections. All their time is occupied in thinking up new ways of earning money. So naturally, we need to create a place where they can unleash their devilish creativity with abandon,’ said a spokesperson of a well known party on the condition of anonymity.

When this Nonsense Times Correspondent asked him about the taxpayers money and the unemployment situation, he said, ‘ Oh Indians are simple people. They don’t understand anything. They will keep struggling but we need to build India into Utopia. Taxpayers pay tax for developing the country. If the politicians are happy then the country will be developed. If we keep thinking about all these issues, that will never happen. Transforming India into Utopia will also help banishing unemployment. ‘

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