Breaking News! India declared ‘The Golden Bird of The East’ by USA

United Scam Association has declared India as the Golden Bird in their latest report! Politicians and businessmen are now claiming credit for this latest development!

A recent report published by the United Scam Association has declared India as a golden bird of the twenty first century. According to this report, India as a country is still as wealthy as it was in the ancient times.

‘India has always been known for its wealth,’ said an official who refused to be named. In the olden days, it was known for its wealth of minerals and precious stones . Today, it is known for its excessive wealth which is usually kept under cover but often gets highlighted through scams.’

‘We are so glad that India has made to this report,’ said a minister on the condition of anonymity. ‘India has always been the golden bird of the world. There are gems hanging in every branch and every tree of India. I am so glad that India has been able to oust so many well-developed and wealthy countries to claim this position.’

However, when Nonsense Times Correspondent questioned the minister about the apparent disparity between the rampant poverty and India’s inclusion in the list, the minister got very annoyed. The correspondent was uncermoniously ousted from the minister’s palatial home and told to never come back again. Nevertheless, the correspondent was agile enough to climb onto a tree to learn more. He overheard a conversation between a security guard and the minister’s personal assistant.

PA: You are not doing your duty well. How did you let that Nonsense Times reporter enter?

Guard: Sorry sir. He said that he wanted to interview sir.

PA: Do you know he was talking about the recent report that has been published.

Guard: Oh, the one about the golden bird?’

PA: Yes! He was asking about the report and why there is poverty everywhere. Sir told him that poverty had nothing to do with India being a golden bird! Now just imagine that more than 4,70,400 crores have been taken by different people through scams and yet India is doing so well! No body is worried about getting the money back. Instead, they are busy launching new schemes.

Guard: Then what happened?

PA: The reporter was quite nosy. It was good I was watching the conversation there and then. I got a feeling that he may be knowing about sir’s 200 crores and I messaged sir to get him thrown out!

Guard: Oh! That is so brilliant ! At least sir will be safe!

The correspondent thanked his stars for his above average SQ (scam quotiont). He ran off before they could catch him and is busy unravelling more such secrets!

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