Bollywood’s Brahmastra PR Machine Unleashed on An Unsuspecting Public!

The machinE is fitted with out-of-the world technology which can zap people’s brain and change their thinking. IT ALSO OFFERS SUGGESTIONS AND STRATEGIES TO DEAL WITH ALL KINDS OF DIFFICULT SITUATIONS.

Bollywood has had a secret weapon for a very long time. This weapon has been able to save their money spinners and get them acquited inspite of whatever they have done. These days, this machine is being put to use full time.

The machine has been housed in a small satellite. When switched on, the machine is activated. It is then connected to the television and the internet. Rays are released by the machine which are transmitted through the television, computer and mobile to the eyes of the viewer. These pre-programmed rays then program the mind of the viewer accordingly.

Off lately, people of the industry have been using this machine so often that the manufacturers are delighted at the popularity. It is speculated that another machine shall soon be purchased for the movie fraterneity. In fact the presence of this machine has encouraged many well-known personalities and their children to do as they please since they know that they can shift the thinking of the world in no time.

The makers of the machine are now looking at the arena of Indian politics to sell their machine, however the rumours are rife that some of the Indian politicians have already been using the machine to get away with even murder! The interesting bit is that this machine was commissioned by an Indian celebrity who found himself in the middle of controversy and had an impending sentence. As a result of the machine’s manipulative powers, he could get away scott free!

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