Indian Men lack the Gene To Grow Up: Report

In the latest research conducted by the Institute of Studies on Men (ISM), it has been discovered that most Indian men lack the gene to grow up.

If you have ever wondered why your husband does not pick up his towels or consults his mother on every small or big thing, then you are not alone. This question has intrigued, frustrated and baffled most Indian wives, girlfriends and sisters for eternity. However, it seems that now we’ve finally discovered the answer to this perplexing question!

The Institute of Studies on Men (ISM) has discovered that most Indian men lack the gene to grow up. This has been verified after conducting studies on millions of Indian men living all over the world. Nonsense Times talked to Dr. Kapila Munjani who heads the research wing at ISM. Here is an excerpt of the interview-

NT: Doctor, can you please shed some light on the latest research report that has been released by your institute.

Dr. Munjani: Yes. We have been researching about this issue since the last ten years. Most women find Indian men frustrating because in any relationship, Indian men like to be mothered. It is okay when they are being mothered by a mother but for it is quite a daunting task for a sister or girlfriend/wife. In fact, since the men in my family were also heavily mothered, I decided to research about this.

NT: So what did you find? Did you research on other varieties of men too?

Dr. Munjani: Oh yes, we took samples from all over the world. Most countries do not face this problem as much as India. Indian men lack a gene called ‘I’ that is needed for men to mentally and psychologically grow up.

NT: Why do they lack this gene?

Dr. Munjani: Apparently this has to do with the excessive mothering on the part of the mother. When a boy is born, he is so mollycoddled by the mother that she does not leave him alone. This gene is created in infancy when the children are left alone for certain periods of time.

NT: So, does that men that if the gene is not created in infancy, it will never get activated?

Dr. Munjani: Not really. It can be created but the moment mothering happens, the gene goes dormant if it is in the early stages of its creation. Now it has become such a ‘herd’ thing that most men are born without this gene and even cannot develop it!

NT: So have you talked to the men who lack this gene?

Dr. Munjani: Actually, our deeper research shows that this gene can be created or activated by small actions done on a consistent basis. For example, putting one’s towel to dry, making and taking one’s own food, making one’s own bed, taking one’s own decision, fighting one’s own battles with wife or mother or girlfriend instead of pitting the women against one another.

NT: Great! Thank you so much Dr. Munjani!

Dr. Munjani: Thank You!

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