Breaking News: Politicians To Retire At the Age of 60!

Image Credit: Indiatimes

New Delhi: In an unprecendented move, a new order has been passed by the apex court which has directed all politicians to retire at the age of 60. This has led to a wave of anger amongst the older politicians.

‘It is simple,’ said a young politician who was recently reinstated by an old politician after a lot of drama. ‘We should also be given a chance. According to our ancient traditions, this is the age when they should be in vanprastha ashram, which means that they should either go to the forest or lead a similar life in their homes. Why are they trying to hang on to this power?’

According to our sources, this new move has been under deliberation for quite some time since lot of the older politicians are either seen sleeping or binging un-necessarily on the subsdized canteen food which has led to the development of the irritable bowel syndrome in many of them. The sweepers of many official buildings have refused to clean the excessively smelling bathrooms as well.

The old politicians were seen running to the courts to file a stay on the new order. One of them on the condition of anoymity revealed he has not gathered enough for his 8th generation even though he was a one time MLA and has been recieving pension since the last 10 years.

In the meantime, the insurance companies have been devising new retirement plans for the soon-to-be old politiicians which will be funded by the tax payers’ money!

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