An Open Letter to (Sushant Singh Rajput) SSR

Dear Sushant,

The internet is abuzz with the news that your case has now been handed over to the CBI. Netizens seem to be relieved that now justice will prevail. Hashtags like #justiceforSSR are trending on the internet. I, on the other hand don’t know what to think because one has seen so many cases simply being termed as mysteries which were never solved!

Will justice really prevail for you? Your closest people or the people of the world will perhaps never know what really happened that night. Whatever the world will know will be the news or the headlines or the content fed to it by the media. Will the media come out with the truth? Will it really know the truth or will the truth be bargained for a greater cause by those in power? OR will the entire game be about TRPs?

Yes, investigations will be done and may be something that was not known before will be known. But will that new knowledge, be used to get justice for you and punish those responsible or will it become a weapon that will be used to negotiate deals with influencers?

We were always taught in our moral science classes that whatever you sow, so shall you reap. However, the adage seems to be ‘Those with money will always go free while those without shall reap what they do or don’t sow. Then we were also taught that the innocent are always protected by God. Anyways, that seems to have become a joke now.

Is there a place that souls go to after they die? Do souls remember who they are after they leave their body? Are you really watching or have you passed over to another life time?

No one can answer these questions. However, I really hope that this time, justice is delivered and your case does not become a case of mystery, speculation to be wondered about forever but never resolved.

Rest in Peace,

A Being on Planet Earth