Online Protest: Employees No Longer Want to WFH!

New Delhi: In an unprecedented and ‘God Knows Where that Came From’ move, employees working in private companies have registered an online protest. Reason? They do not want to work from home! However, the companies are not agreeing to the idea of employees coming back to the workplace! Read on to know more!

The Online Employee Association For Disgruntled Employees (OEAFDE) has registered protests from over 2,00,000 employees from different companies. These employees no longer want to work from home and are literally begging the companies to let them work from their respective offices. ‘I am tired of working from home,’ says Sam. ‘My wife and I both work, however it is me who sweeps and mops the floor and teaches the children. Then I have to work till 2 a.m. in the nigh! What is the point?’

Sunidhi Sharma, the head of HR of a well-known company says, ‘Our profit margins have increased immensely as a result of employees working from home. We are not only saving on electricity and computer costs but also travel and excessive tea and coffee. Moreover, since most employees have an excessive GUILT complex when it comes to work and no sense of WORK LIFE balance, they end up working double shift and we don’t have to give any over-time! It seems the employees have figured out the ploy of the companies.

‘My boss told me to take a break since she said she cannot pay my salary. However, she keeps calling me and asking me for big and small favors! When I talk to her about coming back to work, she avoids the topic,’ says Akrit, who works as a manager for a logistics firm.

OEAFDE has officially sent notices to all the firms asking them for their views on the matter. Meanwhile, the protesting employees have decided to take a break from all the official and non-official work much to the chagrin of their partners and spouses who were happy to have man Friday working for nothing. ‘I have decided to ask my wife to pay me some extra salary for doing her extra work while she is busy chatting to her friends from the office!’ says Sumit, a father of two children and a WFH employee.

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