Breaking News! Special Aircraft Deployed to Send MLAs to the Moon!

Yes! You’ve heard it right! For the first time in the history of mankind and politics, a special space shuttle has been deployed to send MLAs of Rajasthan to the moon!

In an unprecedented move, the higher powers have decided to send their MLAs to the moon to prevent any more surprises. Now, the MLAs will only land back on the planet Earth once the higher power ensures that he and his chair are as firm as a rock. However, to ensure stability, he has purchased the entire stock of Fevicol and Feviquick, which has created another problem in the state.

You see, as a result of COVID, most children have been bearing the agony of online classes. Initially, the children liked the idea of sitting and staring at the computer but now they are tired of it. To ensure that their children do not get up from their chairs, the parents had surreptitiously started applying fevicol to their seats. However, with the dwindling supply of fevicol, more and more children have gone into hiding in their own house to avoid these classes. When the worried parents contacted the droning teachers, they realized that the teachers had no idea that the children had disappeared.

Anyways, the cases of droning teachers and disappearing children is not a new phenomenon.

The politicians being flown to the moon is a different matter. When Nonsense Times tried to contact these politicians on phone, they got a voice mail which informed them that the MLAs are really happy about making this trip to the moon on the NEVER KNOW SPACE SHUTTLE and they are currently being tested for COVID lest they spread the infection on the moon.

But we thought that there was no one living on the moon! When we inquired, we were given some files of some missing politicians of the twentieth century. We are still investigating the case! Meanwhile, our sources suggest that the rival camp has decided to head to Mars!

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