Breaking News: Nepotism Abolished!

New Delhi: In a bizarre incident here many doctors, lawyers, chartered accountants have decided to stop passing on their trade talent to their off springs. They believe that they need to discourage nepotism in all its shape, size and form. Many other artisans, singers, painters, carpenters, fitters, machinists and mechanics have also joined hands in this effort to abolish nepotism.

A well known doctor who refused to disclose his identity said, ‘I am completely against nepotism. Why should my daughter become a doctor even if she wants to? Why should she not do something else! I am going to force her to learn engineering or any other trade but not medicine!’

Agreed Mahesh, a carpenter from South Delhi, ‘ We have been carpenters for over four generations and this art has been passed on to us from our forefathers. But, why should I teach this art to my son who has grown up seeing this. I will probably tell him to become a doctor or a teacher but not a carpenter.’

In fact, some enterprising individuals have decided to create a platform where they can send their children to learn trades other than their own. In a well known locality in Delhi, an anti-nepotism club was formed where children from diverse backgrounds were sent to learn the trade of their neighbours.

Aruna Pandit, a singer said, ‘My son has a lovely voice but I don’t want him to become a singer. He has seen and heard me singing from the time he was born but why should I teach him my art? People will then accuse me of nepotism. Instead, I will enroll him in an engineering college and teach music to some one else!

But when Nonsense Times asked these people why they are doing this because nepotism does not mean passing on the art or skill to family, it simply means showing favoritism, Aruna Pandit said, ‘Come on! If my son learns singing from his mother, he is obviously going to be better at it because he has been listening to me and practicing it from the very beginning of his life, then people will accuse me of helping him succeed by asking my friends and colleagues to give him a chance. Which mother or father won’t do that? No matter what the trade, the child who learns from his parents does have an advantage! So, you see, it is better that we let the children forget their legacy and learn something else!’

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