Webinar: A New Medicine For Insomniacs

Mumbai: COVID 19 has been responsible for many new revolutions in the world. It has helped people to recognize the importance of telehealth which has benefited many small and big villages and towns. However, it has also led to a discovery of a new medicine called the Webinar!

Most of the readers will wonder about our statement. To understand this, we recently talked to Gaurav Sinha, a chronic patient of insomnia. ‘I work in a private firm and naturally with the lock down and all, we had to resort to these online meetings and webinars. The small online meetings are not a problem because they finish in no time. However, when I first attended my first webinar, it went on for two straight hours. That was the first time I started yawning when at work. I was mortified. I had switched off my camera so thankfully no one saw me. They are so happy speaking all the time that no one bothered to ask anything to any one in the audience. However, I did not sleep in the webinar. But the next time when another webinar lasted for four hours, I slept for two of those hours. You cannot imagine how happy my parents were. Now they insist that I attend every webinar so that I can catch up on my sleep!’

Dr. G. Shastri, a sleep specialist says, ‘We are very happy that our chronic patients are getting their much required sleep thanks to these frequent webinars. The webinars where the speakers go on speaking in a monotonous voice are particularly good because they work like a lullaby!’

A CEO who refused to be named is frustrated because all his employees and clients fall asleep during the webinars! He believes that they should at least come out with the truth. ‘I know webinars can be boring but at least you should come out with the truth! Why try to look awake when you are actually sleeping!’

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