Innovation, not Cramming Will Be Rewarded: Schools

Mumbai: In what seems to be a totally unprecedented and astounding move, the schools here have decided to reward and recognize students’ ability to innovate rather than their ability to cram and write the paper. The parents are elated but confused because they have never dealt with a change of this magnitude!

Says Madhavi Goswami, a parent, ‘I don’t know how to teach innovation to my child. Cramming was easy because we’ve been doing it all our lives!.’

A teacher in one of the most prestigious schools in the city, Sundar Tripathi is equally perplexed. ‘Now they want us to teach innovatively! Where is the lesson plan for teaching innovatively? Is innovatively even a word?’ he cries in frustration.

The students are wondering if this spate of innovation resembles the flu season or if it is going to stay. In any case most of them are quite cool about the whole change!

‘Why do we have to bother? Our teachers and parents are there to worry about us,’ said a student named Manick Acharya who studies in 8th standard of a well-known school. His classmate Arnab Sharma said, ‘yes, I agree. Probably it will be as successful as CCE!’

The schools are prepping themselves up for some good innovative teaching. However, the teachers don’t have a clue since they are going to be charting an unknown territory. Amidst all the confusion, the students seem the most relaxed!

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