Breaking News: A six year old child wants to become a politician!

New Delhi: A bizarre incident in South Delhi has made people forget about COVID 19 for once. Sumit and Gauri Pathania, the parents of six-year old Jeet Pathania are at their wit’s end. They do not know what to do because their son has decided to become a politician. Most people will wonder why is there so much hullabaloo about this since children keep coming up with such ideas. However, here it is slightly different!

It has been six days since Jeet Pathania saw some politicians on the television. He was quite entranced with them and asked his mother Gauri about them. Like all mothers, Gauri explained the idea of politics to Jeet and went about doing her usual chores. However Jeet was not satisfied with the explanations given.

He browsed YouTube and came to know that the life of a politician is mostly about freebies. Since then, he has been organizing a protest in his home because he feels studying is a waste of time because most politicians are seldom educated. He believes that once he becomes a politician, he will not have to do anything because he will get a life-time pension too! He says that politicians not only get free houses, food and money for not doing anything but also there is nothing to check whether they are doing something for their area or country, while he on the other hand gets told if he does not finish his homework. He is also given a report card but a politician is given nothing for his performance.

The parents are begging for people to come forward and help their child to see the light! They have no answers to his questions! They have also written letters to some of the most well-known politicians to seek appointments to counsel the boy.

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