Surprise: Truce between Sachin Pilot and Ashok Gehlot! Ye bandhan to….

The war that has been raging between the current chief minister Ashok Gehlot and the ex. deputy chief minister Sachin Pilot has finally ended. And before you dear reader start guessing how did this miracle happen let Nonsense News tell you more!

It is common knowledge that whenever there is a problem, all MLAs and MPs head to the hotels to solve it. The hotels have an ambiance that helps people to make up after the break up. One of the wise men from the team went up to the hotel staff and told them to play Rakesh Roshan’s famous movie Karan Arjun. Both the ministers were sulking in their rooms when the movie started on their screens. As the movie progressed, one of the ministers had an instant past life regression and realized that the other minister was probably his long lost brother who was killed by an evil dragon!

In the mean time, the other minister was having similar thoughts but was not ready to make the first move. However, moment the first minister knocked on his door, he could not control himself and hugged his brother from the previous birth. Seeing this, all the ministers decided to purchase CDs of the well known movie lest these two fight again.

Well, all’s well that end’s well or lets say all’s well that ends the Karan Arjun way! The only problem is that we are still to figure out who is Rakhi! Can picture someone we know….probably with an accent!

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