Lord Ram’s True Birth Place Discovered? Astrologers asked to Recalculate!

Nepal’s prime minister has said that Lord Ram is from Nepal. He is convinced that Ayodhya, the city where the God of the masses was born is also in Nepal. This has created a havoc in Ayodhya in India where astrologers have been asked to go through their calculations once again! Nonsense Times investigates.


When Nepal’s current prime minister made a statement that Lord Ram was born  in Nepal’s city of Ayodhya, every body thought he was joking. After all, he has been joking ever since he came to power when he redrew Nepal’s map and claimed some Indian territories as his. However, this time it was different. His conviction has confused every body.

As a result of this statement, the astrologers in Ayodhya have been asked to recalculate everything related to Lord Ram’s birth. They have been scratching their heads since then. However, they are not the only ones who are confused. The historians have also been taken to task by the higher authorities. They have been told to calibrate and present their findings by the end of this month.

However that is not the only problem. According to an unnamed but authentic source, another neighbour of India has been investigating the origins of Ravana, the demon king. There are some who believe that even Lord Shiva did not belong to India.

While many are dismayed at the idea, some ‘holymen’ are elated with these developments because they believe that should there be a debate on India’s international Gods, they will get to travel to international conferences which has been their life long dream. Many of them have already up cleaned up their dusty passports to get ready for any impromptu travel.

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