Breaking News: Ultimate Cure for Corona Revealed by a Sage from Himalayas!

Corona or COVID 19-20 can be cured! A sage who came down from the Himalayas has revealed the cure for the first time in the history of mankind! Nonsense Times correspondent met with Swami Mahayagyaraj for a candid conversation. Some excerpts…


Nonsense Times Correspondent (NNC) : Namaskar Swami Ji. Thank you for talking to us about Corona Virus. We have heard that you know the cure for Corona Virus which has terrorised the entire world.

Swami Ji: Ofcourse I know about the cure. It is a simple cure but you need to open your eyes first. Most of your people are sleeping or hiding out of fear.

NNC: Yes. They are scared because the newspapers and doctors are talking about how deadly this virus is. There is so much debate on television, newspapers and every where else with regular updates about how many people are getting infected by the virus everyday.

Swamiji: Ofcourse! That’s the whole problem. You are constantly listening to debates and news and just thinking about Corona Virus all the time. Then you get scared of getting it yourself so you are always worried about it. There are people who think the world is coming to an end. What do you think that is doing to your body?

NNC: What is it doing to our body?

Swamiji: It is creating stress in your body. It is weakening your immunity. You have stopped laughing and smiling. Most of your people have worry etched on their faces. It is the epidemic of stress not of Corona Virus!

NNC: So what should we do?

Swamiji: What should you do? Stop thinking and worrying about Corona. Take precautions but stop getting so scared. If all of you want to get rid of Corona and increase your immunity, then tell the right people to stop running sad serials and programs on television. Instead for one month, on every channel show comedy serials and programs which make people laugh and forget their worries. Play nice and funny songs on radio and dance with them. That will get rid of Corona for ever!

NNC: Swamiji, this is a new thing I have heard.

Swamiji: Beta, laughter and happiness can make you so strong and invincible that nothing will affect you. Your vibrations will increase. Your world likes to focus on every negative incident and news. They don’t focus on good things, happy things and that’s why you are so sad and stressful.

NNC: Okay. I will try doing this.

Swamiji: Here is what I suggest- Stop watching news and serials where plastic surgeries change people or which have ghosts, witches or snakes. Watch funny serials and programs where you can laugh with your family. Stay happy. See how strong you will become.

NNC: Thank you Swamiji for your advice. I am sure all of us will practice this and we will get more comedy programs on television.