EXCLUSIVE- In times of Corona, Trump to launch a new theatre group called Comedy of Errors!

Donald Trump, the president of United States of America is a grossly misunderstood person. People believe that he is a businessman and a politician but actually his life-long ambition has been to be a stand up comedian.

However, despite all his efforts his family did not support him. After all, who would want their son and heir to go into comedy and neglect such a huge business empire? So, Trump opted for the next best thing. He not only fulfilled his family’s ambition by taking care of the business but also became the president of United States of America.

‘Trump has been watching politicians come and go. He believes that through politics he will not only be able to amuse people but also distract them from their daily troubles,’ said a close aide on the condition of anoynmity. But then, why politics? ‘Why not politics,’ says the aide. ‘It is the only forum where people listen to you whether they like you or not. A man whose own wife does not listen to him has people all over the world listening to him. Would could be better than that?’

When Nonsense Times talked to classmates of Trump, they could not hold back their laughter. ‘It is so easy to fool people and our president has done it! He has already formed a theatre group called ‘Comedy of Errors’ and he will be officially launching it soon. After all, we all need comic relief from this Corona Virus seriousness!’ said a classmate who refused to be named since he said that the Secret Service has prohibited anyone from speaking about the theatre group unless the president actually launches it!

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